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Definition Of Clause

Clause is a group of the words which consist a subject and predicate. Clause is divided into independent clause and dependent clause.

A. Adjective Clause
         Adjective Clause is a clause which has a function as an adjective. It can call as a Relative Clause.
      -The Use Of Adjective Clause
        1. As a substitute of Subject (Who, Which, That)
            Person => Who/that+aux/verb (who changes a subject)
                       e.g: I met the girl. He always take a picture
                              = I met the man who always take a picture
                                 I met the man that always take a picture

             Thing => Which+aux/verb (Which changes a subject: It, they)
                       e.g: He has a small car. It is on prking area
                              = He has a small which is on parking area
                                 He has a small car that is on parking area

          2. As a substitute of Object
              Person => Whom+Subject (Whom changes an object)
                         e.g: The girl is polte. Mrs.Don is happy with her.
                               = The girl whom Mrs.Don is happy with is polite.

              Thing => Which+subject (Which changes an object)
                        e.g: The food is delicious. I am interested in it.
                              = The food which I am interested in is delicious.

           3. As the Possession (Whose)
               Whose+noun (whose changes a possessive adjective)
                e.g: The man is very crazy. His name is Joe
                     = The man whose name is Joe is very crazy

           4. As the substitute of Place
               Where+subject (where changes place)
               e.g: The house was comfortable. I spent my time there.
                     = The house where I spent my time was comfortable.

           5. As the substitute of Time
               When+subject (when changes time/day/month/year, etc)
               e.g: May is the month. Juki meets Dian on that month.
                    = -May is the month when Juki meets Dian
                       -May is the month on which Juki meets Dian

B. Noun Clause 
       Noun clause is a clause which acts as the subject or object of a sentence. Noun clause can't stand alone as a sentence. In other words, a noun clause is used in the same ways a noun.

C. Adverbial Clause
     The following are examples of adverb clauses arranged according to the meaning of the subordinate conjuction.
      1. Time: when, while, since, after, before, until, as,.
           e.g: She still cooking while he go out to take newspaper.
      2. Place: where, wherever
           e.g:He always come where he meet her wife.
      3. Manner: as, as if
           e.g: She does her cooking class as if she is free.
      4. Comparison: as, than.
           e.g: Murbi is as handsome as Justin Bieber is.
      5. Reason, cause, purpose: as, because, so that, in other that, since.
           e.g: he can't send the message because he doesn't have Hand Phone
      6. Result: so.....that, such.....that/such that.
           e.g: That was such a special experience that I do in mountain.
      7. Condition: if, whether, unless, provided(that), as/as long as, supposing
           e.g: He will propose the girl as long as his parent give permission.



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That is my laptop, every day I bring my laptop in bag when I go to campus. I think this is my special gadget because it can for playing game, doing task, watching movie or surfing on the internet.
For me, laptop is my friends if I sad, happy or angry. I love my laptop, because my parent gave it to me to celebrate my graduation in senior high school.

When I feeling sad, I playing game with it. Usually, I playing simulator game or action game such as Eurotruck Simulator 2 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, I love them very much. But, if I have hove homework I use my laptop for writing the task in word, ppt, or pdf. Basically my laptop is my everything.



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participle exercises
1. The work .................computers requires well trained personnel.
    a. involved    b. involve              c. involving          d. involves
2. ............a few thousand dollars,  he went on a tour to Europe.
    a. saved        b. he has saved       c. having saved     d. after he saves.
3. .............her mistakes, the stewardess immediately apologized to the passenger.
   a. realized     b. realizes               c. realizing             d. she has realizes
4. Being an outstanding student in our school, he has been offered a scholarship to study in Australia.
    The underlined word mean..........of our school.
    a. If he is an outstanding student.
    b. Although he is an outstanding student.
    c. When he is an outstanding student.
    d. As he is an outstanding student.
5. Having sent his letter of application,  ...........................
    a. The company was expected to get a quick reply.
    b. Bimo expected a quick reply.
    c. A quick reply was expected from the company.
    d. They expect the company to send a quick reply.
6. The ......child ran to his mother when he heard the thunder.
    a. frightened
    b. frighten
    c. frightening
    d. being frightened
7. the young man.......... by this institute are all university graduates.
    a. employ
    b. employed
    c. employing
    d. employs
8. Painted at the beginning of the 19th century,......................
    a. the museum purchased it for its collection
    b. the art critics  considered it a clasic
    c. the people couldn't understand abstract art
    d. the painting was very valuable
9. Constructed from 300 to 150 BC,................
    a. the pyramids were monumental tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.
    b. many tourist come from all over thye world to see thye world to see the pyramids.
    c. the Egyptian pharaohs were burried in the pyramids.
    d. the Egyptians buried their pharaohs in the monumental pyramids.
10. One of the persons presenting a paper at the seminar yesterday was Mr. Anggito. It means one of        the persons ...... paper yesterday was Mr. Anggito.
      a. who is presenting
      b. who presenting
      c. who presented
      d. presented



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